Account Owners & System Admins

Platform roles required to view and manage system settings.

To review or modify Voice Call Settings, navigate to the System Settings screen.  

Navigate to Menu > Settings 


Configure Voice Call Settings 

Voice call settings provide users with the ability to configure how voice calls are handled within your Twilio Flex contact center.


Call Recording

Allows all voice calls to be recorded within Twilio Flex.

  • Call Recording is disabled by default. 

Audio Codec

Defines the audio codec used for voice calls within the system.

  • OPUS is enabled by default and provides better audio quality than the traditional G.711 codec. 

Enable Verified Caller IDs

Verified Caller IDs are external phone numbers verified within the Twilio console that can be used by the contact center to make outbound calls.

  • i.e. office phone numbers, business phone numbers, cellphones, etc.

The Verified Caller IDs settings enable agents to use Verified Caller IDs when making outbound calls. 

  • Enable Verified Caller IDs is disabled by default.

Dialpad Caller ID

Dialpad Caller IDs allow agents to select different caller IDs when making outbound calls when using the dialpad. 

  • Dialpad Caller ID is enabled by default.

Assign Agents Numbers

Agents can be assigned dedicated phone numbers within your Twilio Flex contact center.

  • Assign Agents Numbers is disabled by default.

Default Outbound Voice Number

Configure the default phone number that will be set when making outbound calls within the contact center from the dialpad or when using click-to-dial.

Default Voice Studio Flow

Configure the default voice Twilio Studio flow to be used by the contact center used to route inbound calls within your contact center.


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