Manage global communication channel settings within your Twilio Flex contact center. 

Account Owners & System Admins

Platform roles required to view and manage communication channel settings.

To perform functions as it relates to communication channels, users will navigate to the Manage Communication Channels screen.  

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Manage Channels 


Available Communication Channels

By default the following communication channels are enabled for every account:

  • Messaging (SMS & Chat)
    • Webchat requires the webchat client to be installed on your website
  • Voice

Additional communication channels include the following: 

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram

Configuring Communication Channels

To edit the global channel settings, hover your cursor over the row of the channel that you would like to edit and click on the edit (pencil) icon.


After clicking the edit icon, the "Edit Communication Channel" slideout will display the channel details.

  • Make your changes to the channel settings 
  • Select “Save Changes” to apply the changes 


Note: Communication channels can only be edited. To add or remove channels please contact us at

Default Communication Channels Settings

When FLEXFIG is set up within your Twilio Flex account, by default we will configure the following settings for the communication channels.

  • Messaging (SMS & Chat) 
    • Default Capacity: 4 
    • Optimized Routing: Disabled  
  • Voice
    • Default Capacity:
    • Optimized Routing: Disabled  

The default capacity identifies the number of tasks an individual agent accepts for a given channel. 

If optimized routing is enabled, agents that have been idle the longest are prioritized to receive tasks first for a given channel. 

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