FLEXFIG Product Release 1.6.0

New Feature: Outbound SMS Messaging

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

Outbound SMS Messaging has been enabled for all active Twilio Flex & FLEXFIG accounts.

To use the Outbound SMS feature, the user's status must be set to "Available". 

Outbound SMS messaging is available for any valid mobile phone number listed on the "Manage Contacts" screen. Please see Manage Contacts for more details. 

Note: To start an outbound SMS message, the contact record must exist within the system. To create a new contact record, please refer to Create a New Contact Record for more details.


Outbound SMS messaging is also available for any valid mobile phone number listed on the "Individual Contact Records" screen. Please refer to Manage Contacts Activity History for more details. 


After clicking the "Start SMS Conversation" icon, users will be automatically redirected to the Agent Desktop while the task is created. 


After the task is created, you will be able to send outbound SMS messages to contact records. 


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