Gravity CX Product Release 1.22.0

New Feature: Dynamic Screen Pop

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

Introducing Dynamic Screen Pop

Dynamic Screen Pop allows you to build dynamic layouts based on each task received within Twilio Flex and includes data from third-party and internal services. Dynamic Screen Pop opens the door for presenting relevant information to your agents based on different workflows.

New Feature: Chat Transfers

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

Chat Transfers Now Supported in All Channels

We are excited to launch the new chat transfers feature that allows agents to transfer any support chat channel within Gravity CX. Quickly and easily transfer between agents and queues to ensure your customers get the right agents to support their requests.


Enhancement: Additional Localization Support 

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

New Languages Natively Supported in Gravity CX

We now natively include 9 languages within Gravity CX with the addition of Portuguese (BR), Japanese, German, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


Enhancement: Activity History on Agent Desktop

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

Activity History Added to the Gravity Toolbar

We have extended our Gravity toolbar to include the recent activity history for the customer. Agents now have more information at their fingertips to help the customer more efficiently.


Additional Enhancements

We added the following enhancements within release 1.22.0:

  • Added a setting to turn on/off Twilio Lookup to automatically get the customer name 
  • Added the ability to export dispositions and disposition sets 
  • Improved notification messages when an agent is at capacity for a channel
  • Added the ability to export contact lists 
  • Enhanced the filtering for teams when creating or editing a queue routing 
  • Added the ability to enable/disable the default Twilio skills  
  • Added the ability to enable/disable call recordings by queue 
  • Added the ability to send an SMS while on an active voice task with the same customer 
  • Enhanced syncing resource changes from the Twilio console to Gravity CX

Bug Fixes

We fixed the following bugs within release 1.22.0:

  • Multiple localization fixes in the UI
  • UI improvements and minor content modifications
  • Fixed issue with notification sounds not playing when transferring task 
  • Fixed issue with permissions to prevent agents from downloading call recordings 
  • Fixed issue with workflows attribute creation
  • Fixed issue with Twilio Console configuration overriding call recording settings 
  • Fixed issue with page token validation when installing Facebook as a channel 
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