Gravity CX Product Release 1.20.0

New Feature: Do Not Call (DNC) Contact List

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

Built-in Do Not Call (DNC) List

All customers now have the ability to add customers to a system-created Do Not Call (DNC) contact list. Agents will be prevented from engaging contacts in any channels who have requested to be removed from being contacted. Contact lists need to be able within your account to leverage the Do Not Call (DNC) lists. 

Do Not Call (DNC) Contact List


Do Not Call (DNC) Notification


New Feature: Assign Dedicated Numbers to Agents 

Account Owner or System Admin role required.

Easily Assign Phone Numbers to Agents

Assigning a dedicated phone number to your agents has never been easier. Customers now have the ability to create dedicated phone numbers that route all voice calls and SMS messages to the assigned agent. 

To enable assigned phone numbers for agents in your Twilio Flex contact center, navigate to the system settings screen under the "Voice Call Settings" to enable the "Assign Phone Numbers" configuration.

Assign a Dedicated Phone Number


Assigned Phones Numbers


Additional Enhancements

We added the following enhancements within release 1.20.0:

  • Dialpad queue selector extended to allow searching queues by name 
  • Users extended to include "Spoken Language" for all agents 
  • Contact records extended to include "Spoken Language", "Country" and "Time Zone" 
  • Importing contact records extended to support streaming downloads of larger exports 
  • Settings added to configure the default voice and messaging Studio Flow to use with imported phone numbers 
  • Contact records extended to support creating and editing contact's Facebook Messenger ID and Instagram screennames 
  • Contact records extended to support importing/exporting using the contact's unique id 
  • Added the Workflow SID and Queue SID to the manage workflows and manage queues tables 

Bug Fixes

We fixed the following bugs within release 1.20.0:

  • Multiple localization fixes in the UI
  • UI improvements and minor content modifications
  • Fixed activity history playing multiple call recordings at once 
  • Fixed issue with importing contacts with blank rows failing 
  • Fixed issue with agents statuses being created with automation enabled, even if selected as disabled on creation 
  • Fixed issue with bulk removing contact records from contact lists, when multiple contacts are selected who are assigned to different contact lists 
  • Fixed issue with not being able to delete phone numbers from Gravity CX when the phone number is deleted from the Twilio Console first 
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