Gravity CX Product Release 1.21.0

New Feature: Instagram Direct Messaging (DMs)

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

Easily Respond to DMs from Instagram Contacts

We have extended our Instagram channel to support responding directly to contacts starting Direct Message (DM) conversations.


New Feature: Blacklists

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

Built-in Blacklists

With the new built-in contact list to "Blacklist" contacts, you can easily prevent spam callers from calling your Twilio Flex contact center. Additionally, we added support to filter "Blacklist" contacts to a different IVR workflow with the API returning if the contact is on the blacklist.

Blacklist contacts sending tasks to the contact center will automatically have their task canceled with the outcome set to "Blacklist" for easier reporting within Flex Insights. Additionally, agents will receive a notification message preventing them from contacting any contact on the blacklist.



New Feature: Bulk Imports

Account Owner or System Admin role required.

Quickly Configure Twilio Flex with Bulk Imports

With the introduction of bulk imports customers can now quickly import and configure their Twilio Flex contact center in a faction of the time.

We have added bulk import support for the following components:

  • Manage Contacts (enhanced)
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Teams
  • Manage Skills
  • Manage Agent Statuses
  • Manage Canned Responses
  • Manage Canned Response Sets 
  • Manage Contact Lists
  • Manage Phone Numbers
  • Manage Verified Caller IDs
  • Manage Dispositions
  • Manage Disposition Sets


Enhancement: Additional Variables for Canned Responses

Account Owner, System Admin, or Supervisor role required.

New Dynamic Variables for Canned Responses

Canned response variables have been extended to include "Today's Date" and the "Day of the Week" when creating a canned response within the system.


Enhancement: HubSpot Added to the Gravity Toolbar

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor, or Agent role required.

Access HubSpot Directly from the Gravity Toolbar

With the HubSpot integration added directly to the Gravity Toolbar, customers can now access other features easily within the "Agent Desktop" providing greater flexibility and an enhanced agent experience. 


Additional Enhancements

We added the following enhancements within release 1.21.0:

  • Agents now receive a notification message when leaving a note
  • Alert notifications now automatically include new Twilio components
  • Added setting to enable the default Twilio skills for third-party providers (ie. Acqueon)
  • Added storing call recordings directly from within the HubSpot activity history
  • Moved the filter by team's section when creating a new queue 
  • Added a setting for automatically setting a contact's timezone 
  • Added a setting for automatically setting a contact's country
  • Added a setting for automatically setting a contact's spoken language
  • Added a setting for automatically setting an agent's spoken language
  • Added the ability for the Okta token to be automatically refreshed every 15 days to prevent the token from expiring

Bug Fixes

We fixed the following bugs within release 1.21.0:

  • Multiple localization fixes in the UI
  • UI improvements and minor content modifications
  • Fixed the issue with notes not automatically showing the latest note for the contact when completing a task
  • Fixed the issue when searching with a special character returning an error 
  • Fixed the issue with the pause recording button not always showing in the UI
  • Fixed the issue with voicemail duplicating when receiving multiple requests from the Twilio API
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