FLEXFIG Product Release 1.11.0

New Integrations: HubSpot CRM

Account Owner or System Admin role required.

HubSpot CRM 

The new HubSpot native integration allows you to sync contacts, notes, and activity history along with message history directly between HubSpot and FLEXFIG.


New Feature: Dispositions

Account Owner or System Admin role required.


Account Owners & Admins now have the ability to easily add task dispositions that agents can select from when completing tasks. Dispositions can be enforced, configured to be displayed based on task direction tasks or specific queues.

Agent Desktop View


Admins Configuration View


Note: Please contact support@flexfig.com if you are interested in adding dispositions to your account.

New Feature: Pause/Unpause Call Recordings

Account Owner or System Admin.

Pause/Unpause Call Recordings

We added the ability for agents to pause and unpause call recordings when sensitive information is being shared by the customer during a call.



New Feature: Automatic & Time-Based Wrap-Up

Account Owner or System Admin role required.

HubSpot CRM 

Admins can now configure automatic wrap-up when a task is ended by an agent or set a wrap-up timelimit that will automatically complete a task after a certain timeframe for the agent.


Additional Enhancements

We added the following enhancements within release 1.11.0:

  • Added the ability to enable/disable notes 
  • Added the ability to filter Microsoft Activity Directory users by AD groups when importing new users 
  • Added the ability to reimported deleted users from a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider 
  • Added restrictions to only allow for numbers to be entered into the dialpad 

Bug Fixes 

We fixed the following bugs within release 1.11.0:

  • Remove task notification sound on outbound calls 
  • Add a message in the UI when no voicemail is left by a customer
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