Assign skills to agents to create intelligent skills-based routing logic within your Twilio Flex contact center.

Account Owners, System Admins & Supervisors

Platform roles required to view and manage users.

Navigate to Menu > Manage Users


Understanding Assigned Skills

Assigned Skills are skills assigned to a user that are independent of the skills inherited from teams in which the user is assigned.  The user's Skill Level that has been designated through Assigned Skills will override the inherited team skill level for the user.  


  • John Smith is assigned to the Sales (US) team. The team is assigned "English" as a skill with the skill level set to "90" 
  • An admin independently assigns John Smith the skill "English" and sets his skill level to "100"
  • John Smith's skill level is now "100" for any team that he is assigned with the same skill.  While the other users assigned to the Sales (US) team will have a skill level of "90", John Smith's skill level will be "100".


Assign Skills to a User

After selecting the user you want to assign skills, you will be redirected to the user details screen.

  • Select the “Assigned Skills” tab.
  • Click the “+” icon in the top right section of the table.


After clicking on the “+” icon, the "Assign Skills" slideout will appear allowing you to select the skills to be assigned to the team.


  • Select a "Skill Set" from the drop-down menu  
  • Select a "Skill" from the drop-down menu that appears after selecting the "Skill Set"
  • Determine if you want to require a "Skill Level" for the assigned skill
  • If yes, then select the "Skill Level" for the user using the slider that appears after selecting the "Skill" 
  • Define the "Skill Level" for the user using the slider that appears after selecting the "Skill" 
  • Click the “Save Changes” button to assign the skill to the user

Removing a Skill from a User

To remove a skill from a user, select the remove (trashcan) icon next to the skill, and confirm that you want to remove the skill.

  • Hover your cursor over the name of the skill that will be removed from the user 
  • Click on the remove (trashcan) icon
  • Select “Yes” when the delete confirmation message appears


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