Manage teams within your Twilio Flex contact center. 

Account Owners, System Admins & Supervisors

Platform roles required to view and manage teams.

On the Manage Teams screen, users will be able to view all teams within the system, create a new team, edit team information, export a list of teams, and archive and/or delete an existing team.

To perform team-related functions, users will navigate to the Manage Teams screen.  

Navigate to Menu > Manage Teams


Creating a Team

Reference the Creating a Team article for details on how to create new teams.

Using Filters with Teams

The list of teams can be filtered by their status (All, Active, Archived)Active teams are shown by default.

To filter teams, click the "Status" drop-down menu to select whether active, archived, or all teams are displayed. 


Editing Team Details

To edit team details, hover your cursor over the row of the team that you would like to edit and click on the edit (pencil) icon.


After clicking on the edit (pencil) icon, the "Edit Team" slideout will appear allowing you to edit the team details. 

  • Make changes to the team details you would like to edit 
  • Select “Save Changes” to apply the changes 

Deleting a Team

To delete a team, select the delete (trashcan) icon and confirm that the team should be deleted. 


Supervisors cannot delete a team.

Note:  If the team is being used in connection with a queue, it must be removed from the queue before it can be deleted from the team.

Archiving a Team

Users have the ability to archive a team that is no longer active.  To archive a team, select the archive (folder) icon and confirm the team should be archived. 


Supervisors cannot archive a team.

Note: If the team is being used in connection with a queue, it must be removed from the queue before it can be archived.

Unarchive a Team

Teams that have been archived, can be re-activated.  To re-activate an archived team:

  • Hover the cursor over the row of the archived team to be re-activated
  • Select the enable (folder) icon. The team status will change from ARCHIVED to ACTIVE


Supervisors cannot unarchive a team.

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