FLEXFIG Product Release 1.10.0

New Integrations: Google Workspace SSO

Account Owner or System Admin role required.

Google Workspace SSO 

The new Google Workspace SSO integration allows you to use Google as your single sign-on provider when logging into Twilio Flex.


New Feature: Outbound Caller ID Selector

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor or agent role required.

Caller ID Selector

Agents can now easily select from the list of numbers in your Twilio account to use as the caller ID for outbound calls. Using the "Friendly Name" in the Twilio Console, you can rename the numbers to something more recognizable for your agents.


Note: Phone numbers must be manually configured to route inbound calls to Twilio Flex.

Enhancements: Custom Notification Sounds

Account Owner or System Admin.

Custom Notification Sounds

We added the ability to create custom notification sounds to use in your Twilio Flex contact center.


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