FLEXFIG Product Release 1.9.0

New Integrations: Okta, Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp 

Account Owner or System Admin role required.

Okta Integration

The new Okta integration allows you to use Okta as your single sign-on provider when logging into Twilio Flex.


Facebook Messenger Integration

The Facebook Messenger integration allows you to connect your Facebook page to Twilio Flex to engage with customers sending messages using Facebook Messenger.


WhatsApp Integration

The WhatsApp integration allows you to connect you WhatsApp number to Twilio Flex to engage with customers sending messaging using WhatsApp.


New Feature: Twilio Flex Alert Notifications

Account Owner, System Admin, Supervisor or agent role required.


In order to provide proactive alerts for our customers when there is an issue within the Twilio network, we created the FLEXFIG alerts notifications system. All users are automatically subscribed to Twilio Flex incident notifications.

Additional Twilio components can be subscribed to here: https://alerts.flexfig.com


Enhancements: View Agents Assigned to Queues, Access "Act as Agent" from the Toolbar & UI Improvements

Account Owner, System Admin or Supervisor role required.

New Notification Sounds

We added new notification sounds to the system providing a greater selection of alerts to use in your Twilio Flex contact center.


View Agents Assigned to Queues

Gain greater insight into your Twilio Flex contact center with the new "Assigned Agents" view for queues.


Access "Act as Agent" from the Toolbar

Admins and supervisors can not set themselves to "Act as Agent" directly from the top toolbar.


UI Enhancements

In addition we added the following enhancements within release 1.9.0:

  • Added the ability to include links in the notes editor 
  • Added the ability to filter tasks by the default outbound queue 
  • Added the ability to filter tasks by direction (inbound/outbound)
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