Easily make outbound calls within Twilio Flex.

Account Owners, System Admins, Supervisors & Agents

Platform roles required to make an outbound call. Account Owners, System Admins, and Supervisors must be set to "Act as Agent" to make an outbound call.


Make an Outbound Call

Outbound calls can be made from any screen within Twilio Flex. Agents can be set to any status other than "Offline" to display the dialpad. 

To make an outbound call, click on the dialpad icon in the header to display the dialpad. 

  • Select the country of the phone number you are dialing (USA is selected by default)
  • Enter the phone number by clicking the numbers on the dialpad or type them 
  • Select a queue to assign the outbound call

"Assign a Queue" will list all of the available queues that the agent is assigned 


PRO TIP: Create a dedicated queue for outbound calls to allow you to use Flex Insights for tracking metrics on outbound calls separately from inbound call queues.

Common Issues with Making Outbound Calls

Common issues experienced when trying to make an outbound call involve Account Owners, System Admins, and Supervisors.

Below is a sample error message that Account Owners, System Admins, and Supervisors will receive when they have not been set to "Act as Agent".



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