Quickly set your status to receive Tasks within Twilio Flex.

Account Owners, System Admins, Supervisors & Agents

Platform roles required to accept tasks. Account Owners, System Admins, and Supervisors must be set to "Act as Agent" to receive tasks.

Agents can easily set their status from any screen within Twilio Flex. In order to receive new tasks, the agent must be set to "Available". 


Default Agent Statuses

By default, Twilio Flex includes the following agent statuses: 

  • Offline: Agent is currently set to offline and unavailable to accept new tasks 
  • Available: Agent is currently available to accept new tasks 
  • Break: Agent is currently on break and unavailable to accept new tasks 
  • Unavailable: Agent is currently unavailable to accept new tasks 

Custom Agent Statuses

Account Owners & System Admins can define custom statuses within Twilio Flex.

You can customize agent statuses to define whether or not the agent is available or unavailable to accept new tasks when the status is selected. 


  • System admin creates a new agent status "Training" with agent set to available

Agents will be able to accept new incoming tasks and all accepted tasks will be tagged with "Training" as the agent status.

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