Easily wrap-up and complete tasks within Twilio Flex.

Account Owners, System Admins, Supervisors & Agents

Platform roles required to accept tasks. Account Owners, System Admins, and Supervisors must be set to "Act as Agent" to receive tasks.

Task Wrap-Up 

After ending a task within Twilio Flex, tasks are set to the "wrap-up" status allowing agents to provide notes and finalize any other details related to the customer before accepting new tasks. 

To complete the tasks, click on the "complete" button within the task view.


While in the task wrap-up status, agents will not be able to receive any new tasks for that communication channel if they are at their capacity. 


  • The agent has a capacity of one (1) for voice calls 

Until the agent officially completes the "wrap-up" by clicking "complete" for the task, the agent will not be able to accept any additional incoming voice calls.


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