Create custom attributes to enable advanced routing logic when sending tasks to agents within your Twilio Flex contact center. 

Account Owners & System Admins

Platform roles required to view and manage custom attributes.

Prerequisite: The natively supported Salesforce integration must be configured within your Twilio Flex contact center.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Manage Attributes 


Create an Attribute

Select the “+ Add Attribute” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


After clicking on the “+ Add Attribute” button, a slideout will appear so you can enter the attribute details. 

Attribute Settings

  • Provide the name of your custom attribute 
    • ie. "Campaign" to track the campaign the customer belongs to

CRM Mapping 

CRM Mapping allows you to map data from your CRM to tasks created within your contact center based on the contact's details. 

  • Select "Salesforce" as the source 
  • Select the object to map to within Salesforce 
  • Select the field of the selected object within Salesforce 

Supported Salesforce Objects

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead

Multiple CRM Mappings can be assigned to a single attribute. CRM Mappings will try to match an attribute in order, based on how you define the mapping. 


  • Salesforce > Lead "object" > Lead Source "field"
  • Salesforce > Contact "object" > Lead Source "field"


In this example, the attribute will first try to match the information task with the "Lead Source" field for the Lead object. If a match is not found, the system will try to match the "Lead Source" field with the Contact object. 

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