Introducing Gravity CX (formerly FLEXFIG)

Introducing Gravity CX (formerly FLEXFIG)


We are excited to announce FLEXFIG is now Gravity CX. 

Gravity CX is a power plug-and-play platform built to help you run and operate your Twilio Flex contact center. Gravity CX is built to be 100% customizable and extendable making it the optimal solution for companies looking to quickly deploy the Twilio Flex platform to build the ultimate contact center experience.

Why did we change our name? 

Simple. We believe that Gravity CX strongly represents our vision for providing the ultimate customer experience (CX) and engagement platform built for Twilio Flex contact centers. 

What to expect in the coming weeks and months? 

Features. Features. Features and more. We will continue to improve functionality and add new capabilities within the Gravity CX platform. We already have some exciting new features slated for release in Q4 with the addition of much anticipated new communication channels. 

We will slowly start to roll out changes to our knowledge base and support ticketing processes. Additionally, we will provide more tutorials and training documentation for customers looking to leverage the advanced features with the Gravity CX & Twilio Flex platform. 

How will this affect current customers? 

Great news! All of our current customers will experience no downtime or interruptions to your Twilio Flex contact center operations. 

We will contact all customers individually to discuss changes required for billing as the parent company name has changed as well. 

  • Telemarketr, Inc. is now Gravity Digital Labs, Inc. 

Lastly, in an upcoming release customers will see changes within the user interface of Twilio Flex with the new Gravity CX branding being rolled out. 

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