Getting Started with a Gravity CX Demo Account

Gravity CX Demo Accounts

Demo accounts have limited capabilities. They will not provide customers with the same level of configuration and integration that is available in a “production” deployment. 

Twilio Flex Projects

Twilio provides the ability to set up multiple Twilio Flex projects under your Twilio account. To create a new Twilio Flex project, please refer to the following instructions: 

Important: We require a new Twilio Flex Project to install the demo Gravity CX account.

To get the best usage out of your Gravity CX demo, you will need to upgrade your Twilio account to remove the "trial flag". If necessary, we can work with your Twilio Account Executive to remove the "trial flag” and to apply promo credits to your Gravity CX demo account. It can take approximately 2 - 3 business days to remove the "trial flag". 

Install Gravity CX Demo Account

To install Gravity CX, you must invite our team to your newly created Twilio Flex project. 

Send Invite to Your Twilio Account 

Select the project to be used with Gravity CX and then follow the steps below:

  • Click on the "+" button to add a new user
    • Enter for the email address 
    • Set the role to "Administrator"  
    • Click the send invitation button

After you send the invite to "", our team will install Gravity CX within your Twilio Flex project and provide you with a notification when it is ready for your team to begin your evaluation.

Gravity CX Demo Account Users

Once Gravity CX is deployed to production, users may sign into their Twilio Flex account using a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider.  However, the only way to log into Twilio Flex when using your Gravity CX demo account is with users that have been created within the Twilio console.

Follow the steps below to invite demo users:

  • Click on the "+" button to add a new user 
    • Enter the email address of the user you want to invite
    • Set the user role to "Administrator" or "Developer"
    • Click the send invitation button 

Important: All users added through the Twilio Console will have administrator-level access to Twilio Flex & Gravity CX unless the user role is changed within Gravity CX.  The user role can be changed once a user logs into Twilio Flex.  

Twilio has a help center article, "Adding Agents to Twilio Flex", which provides more insight on the differences when adding users through Twilio Console versus an SSO provider.

Launch Twilio Flex  

Invited users will be able to log into their Twilio Console to launch Twilio Flex.

Follow the steps to launch Twilio Flex: 


Twilio Flex Demo Phone Number 

All Twilio Flex accounts have an associated demo phone number that can be used to receive calls and SMS messages from customers. To access the Twilio Flex demo phone number, users will launch their Twilio Flex instance and be redirected to the "Welcome to Flex" screen.

The Twilio Flex demo phone number is located in the "Test Drive" box on the right side of the screen. You can use the number to make phone calls and send SMS messages to Twilio Flex. 


Important:  If the user's role is changed from "System Administrator" to another role, the user will not be able to view the "Welcome to Flex" screen.  This screen only displays for "Account Owners" and "System Administrator".

Web Chat Capabilities 

Webchat is enabled within your Gravity CX demo account. To create a new webchat, select the "Launch" button on the Admin Dashboard. It will open a new window with a sample webchat. 


Change Gravity CX User Roles

All users within demo accounts are added as "System Administrators"

The roles of the users can be changed by navigating to the "Manage Users" section of Gravity CX.

  • Navigate to Menu > Manage Users 
  • Click on the "edit" button for the users whose role requires editing  
  • Select the assigned role for the user 
  • Click on the "Save Changes" button  


Note: All "Insights" roles require a paid Twilio account for access to the Workforce Optimization (WFO) features within Twilio Flex. Flex Insights will not be available in the demo account.

System Admins Automatically Set to "Act as Agent"

By default, the account owner, system admins, and supervisor roles are set to "Act as Agent" to allow them to receive incoming tasks.


Set Availability Status 

In order to receive tasks within Twilio Flex, you will need to set your user to "available". Select your name in the top right-hand corner and select “available” from the list of statuses.


Complete Tasks Wrap-Ups

By default, all agents can only receive one (1) voice call at a time. You must complete the existing call before you can accept additional voice calls within Twilio Flex. 


Gravity CX Default Workflow & Queue

Demo accounts are configured with a default workflow and queue that will route tasks to any available agent within the system.

Global Workflow

You can modify the "Gravity CX Global Workflow" settings by navigating to the Workflows section.

Important: When you create new workflows within Gravity CX, you need to add that workflow to the Twilio Studio flow.

To modify the default workflow, navigate to the Studio Dashboard within the Twilio Console, and look for the "Gravity CX Voice IVR" flow to make changes. If you are unfamiliar with Twilio Studio, use the Gravity CX Global Workflow.

Global Queue

By default, skills-based routing is disabled for the Global Queue and will route tasks to any available agent within your Gravity CX demo account.  To modify the Gravity CX Global Queue settings, navigate to the queues section. To use skills-based routing, create new skills within Gravity CX, and assign skills to individual users or teams.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrations are disabled within all Gravity CX demo accounts. 


Voicemail is disabled in all Gravity CX demo accounts. In the IVR, there is an option to leave a voicemail, however, the voicemail extension is not available.

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