Easily configure and manage system settings within your Twilio Flex contact center.

Account Owners & System Admins

Platform roles required to view and manage system settings.

To perform functions as it relates to the system settings, users will navigate to the System Settings screen.  

Navigate to Menu > Settings 


Configure Task Settings 

Task settings provide users with the ability to configure how tasks are routed to agents within your contact center. 


Task Order

Defines the order in which tasks are routed to agents.

  • First In First Out is enabled by default. 

Agent Notes 

Agents notes allow agents to take notes for each assigned "Task" directly within Twilio Flex.

  • Agent notes are enabled by default. 

Automatic Wrap-Up

Automatic wrap-up allows "Tasks" to be completed automatically without going into wrap-up. 

  • Automatic Wrap-Up is disabled by default. 

If automatic wrap-up is enabled, the wrap-up time limit will be disabled and hidden from view. 

Wrap Up Time Limit 

Wrap-up time limit allows "Tasks" to be completed automatically after a set time limit. 

  • Wrap-Up Time Limit is disabled by default. 

Default Outbound Number

Defines the default outbound number used when making outbound calls or sending outbound SMS. 

Reject Tasks

Defines if your agents are able to reject incoming "Tasks". 

  • Reject Tasks is enabled by default. 

Configure Voice Call Settings 

Voice call settings provide users with the ability to configure how voice calls are handled with their contact center. 


Call Recording

Allows all voice calls to be recorded within Twilio Flex.

  • Call Recording is disabled by default. 

Pause Recordings 

Allows agents to pause/unpause call recordings. Call recordings must be enabled to view and set the pause recording configuration. 

  • Pause Recordings is disabled by default.

Audio Codec

Defines the audio codec used for voice calls within the system.

  • OPUS is enabled by default and provides better audio quality than the traditional G.711 codec. 

Enabled Verified Caller IDs

Defines if agents will be able to use Verified Caller IDs when making outbound calls using the dialpad. Verified Caller IDs can only be used to make outbound calls, any return calls to the phone number will route to the normal phone number. 

  • Verified Caller IDs are disabled by default.

Voicemail Settings 

Voicemail settings provide users with the ability to configure how voicemails are handled within their Twilio Flex contact center.


Auto-Assign Voicemails

Defines if voicemails should be automatically assigned to agents in "round-robin". 

  • Auto-Assign Voicemails is disabled by default. 

Shared Voicemail Box 

Defines if all voicemails are visible to agents or only those that are assigned to the agent. 

  • Shared Voicemail Box is enabled by default.  

Configure CRM iFrame Settings 

FLEXFIG enables customers to use an iframe to embed their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) directly into Twilio Flex. 


To embed your CRM using an iframe, enter your CRM details: 

  • Provide the URL to your CRM in the "Link to CRM" field 
  • Use the toggle to enable using the CRM iframe 
  • Click the "Save" button to apply the changes 

Note: Many CRMs block the ability to use an iframe to embed their solutions into other applications. We recommend using this feature only if you have a custom CRM solution or using HubSpot.


Configure Task Notification Sound 

Notification settings provide users with the ability to configure the incoming task notification sound that agents will hear when they have an incoming task. 


To configure the task notification sound, select the task notification. 

  • Select a notification sound from the drop-down list 
    • You have the ability to listen to the notification sound 
  • Set the sound to "loop" until the task is accepted or rejected 
  • Click the "Save" button to apply the changes 

To configure a custom task notification sound, select the "Custom Sound" enter the URL of the notification sound you would like to use with your Twilio Flex contact center. 

Configure Twilio Flex Settings 

Twilio Flex settings provide users with the ability to enable enhanced Twilio Flex configurations within your contact center. 


Queue Stats Wallboard

Defines if enable fullscreen mode/wallboard is enabled for Real-Time Queue stats.

  • Queue Stats Wallboard is enabled by default. 



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